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What is the Halo Effect/Squeezed Edge in Flexo Printing?

In the publishing and printing industries, the Halo Effect or Squeezed Edge is a term used to describe how a technology change can significantly impact how products are printed. 

In the case of flexo printing, this refers to how the arrival of digital presses and digital printing technologies has squeezed the margin for flexo printers, forcing them to adopt higher production values and tighter tolerances to maintain market share.

As a result, manufacturers are now forced to compete on price rather than features, which has resulted in a decline in quality and an increase in errors. While some manufacturers have been able to adapt and improve their products, others have been forced out of the market altogether.

The squeezed edge of the screen dot in print:

A halo can occur when text is printed on a light background. The edges of the screen dot get squeezed together, forming a circle or halo around the text.

To reduce this effect, you can try to make your text dark enough to overcome the screen dot’s weakness. You can also try to print your text on heavier stock paper to help reduce the halo.

How to Avoid the Halo Effect in Flexo Printing

There are several ways to reduce the halo effect. You can try to avoid using graphics with a lot of detail or color or use text instead of graphics to label your product. 

You can also adjust the brightness and contrast of your images or choose a source light that doesn’t have a lot of glare.

If you still experience problems with halo effects, you can try using software that automates the correction process. 

This software considers the position and size of each graphic in your image, so it can more easily eliminate the halo effect.

Reducing The Halo In Your Screen Dot

A halo effect is a visual distortion when a light source, such as the sun, shines behind an object and casts a glowing or shimmering ring around it. 

The term is most often used to describe the appearance of light around the heads and other people’s areas in photographs or videos taken with a camera pointed directly at the subject.


It can be challenging to eliminate halo effects in your screen dot. But with a little bit of practice, you can learn how to reduce the intensity and appearance of these problems.

Β And don’t forget: if you still find yourself struggling after following these tips, there is always the option of hiring an expert to help you out. Thanks for reading!