About us

Who Are We ?

With years of experience and knowledge of the flexographic industry, We are a team of experts in this field and enthusiastic about this industry, looking forward to connect the industry better and bring it closer.

With the advancement in technology and connectivity available at everyone’s hand using this we want to create a common platform for everyone involved in the flexographic industry, where they can learn about the flexographic industry, trade their products and connect with others from anywhere around the world.

We aim to bring people together and create a community of everyone who are enthusiastic like us about the flexographic industry and together understand the changing needs of the industry, inspire innovation and keep the industry wheel going forward.

Meet Our FlexoExpert Team

Mario Busshoff
Co-founder Anyflexo OÜ

Florian Von Heesen
Co-founder Anyflexo OÜ

Mitesh Vadoliya
E-commerce Specialist

Contact us:

For any questions about the platform or about us you can directly contact us at: info@anyflexo.com


Anyflexo OÜ | Lõõtsa tn 2b | 11415Tallinn | Estonia
Tel.: +372 55937959