Discover the process: Tailoring Flexo Plate Mounting Tapes to Custom Size Specifications

In this enlightening video presentation, viewers are invited to explore the intricate process by which flexo plate mounting tapes are meticulously tailored to meet customers’ custom size specifications. This transformation takes place within the specialised confines of an Anyflexo Vendor Facility, renowned for its precision and quality in customisation.

What exactly are plate mounting tapes in the realm of flexography, you ask?

These tapes feature an ingenious design with double-sided adhesive quality. In terms of material, they are of resilient foam or tough rigid vinyl. Their primary function is to effectively attach or secure a printing plate to the cylindrical surfaces or sleeves of printing presses. This mounting is critical to keeping the plate stable throughout the printing process. Plate mounting tapes have a versatile design that allows them to be in use on a variety of substrates. These include film, paper and corrugated surfaces. They work well on both narrow and wide web presses, demonstrating their adaptability in the printing industry.

The strategic use of these tapes significantly improves print quality. They ensure stable and accurate plate alignment, which is essential for high-resolution printing on a variety of materials. In addition, their unique composition supports repeated repositioning without loss of adhesion. This feature allows printers to achieve perfect placement for every print job.

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Plate conversion at our vendor facility – IMC Materials