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Ways to Enhance Anilox Rolls Life

What Is the Average Life of Anilox Rolls? Anilox rolls are undeniably the most important component of the flexographic printing press. However, they are very expensive and delicate. Thus, anilox rolls require sequential maintenance for long-term usage. If you maintain...
Central impress drum machine
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Central Impression Drum

What is central impression drum? Central impression drum is sometimes referred to as a drum press, common impression press, or CI press. The press itself consists of a single steel impression cylinder positioned in the main press frame within which...
Halftone dots in Printing Plates
Flexo TechPrinting Plates

Flexographic Printing Plates

Halftone dots of a flexographic printing plate in different diameters (source: DFTA) What are flexographic printing plates? Flexographic printing uses elastic, flexible printing plates that are necessary to adapt to the structure of rough and uneven substrate surfaces. Their job...
GTT patented channel structure by Apex
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Anilox Rollers and Anilox Sleeves

What are Anilox Rollers and Anilox Sleeves? Anilox rollers and anilox sleeves are used in short inking units such as flexographic printing, and sometimes also in offset printing or print varnishing. They transfer the minimum necessary, constant amount of ink...