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Flexographic printing, a dynamic industry, demands meticulous alignment of numerous components for optimal results. Embracing technological advancements and precision during flexo in-press stage is crucial in this ever-evolving field. As new technologies emerge, the intricacies of calibration and measurement grow, necessitating a stringent focus on alignment. Each facet – testing, calibration, and measurement – plays a pivotal role in achieving the flawless prints that define success in flexography. Keeping abreast of technological advancements and enhancing precision are critical undertakings. With a myriad of moving parts to consider, the in-press stage is where alignment, testing, and measurement converge. Striving for perfection in this phase is paramount, especially with advancing technologies heightening complexities. The flexo in-press stage is a nexus of precision, where innovation and mastery blend to create exemplary prints. Navigating these intricacies demands a keen eye for detail and a commitment to harnessing cutting-edge solutions. As the industry evolves, mastering the in-press stage becomes even more essential for top-tier results.

Wide web flexo printing
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Turn Bar System in Printing

In the printing industry, precision and efficiency are paramount. Among the myriad of tools and techniques used to achieve these goals, the turn bar system stands out. This sophisticated but essential system allows a continuous roll of substrate (typically paper)...
How to print self adhesive labels
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How to print self adhesive labels

Self-Adhesive labels: In flexo printing, self-adhesive labels are available in two types: heat-sensitive and pressure-sensitive. Heat-sensitive: A certain temperature will cause these labels to release from the surface once they are heated to a certain level and adhered to the...
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Dot Gain in Flexo Printing

Dot gain is a prevalent occurrence in flexo printing and all printing processes. As dots transition from film to plate, they typically increase in size during exposure, especially in analogue plate processes. Subsequently, when an ink dot moves from the...