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Discover the core principles of flexo printing, essential for achieving top-notch results. Understanding flexo basics is key to mastering this printing technique. Mounting tapes play a crucial role in fixating printing plates on cylinders or sleeves. Achieving optimal adhesion and print quality starts with managing surface tension and ink bonding. Dive deep into the nuances of flexography to enhance your printing projects. From choosing the right printing machine to evaluating sustainable practices, flexo basics pave the way for successful printing ventures.

Explore how flexo compares to digital printing, lithography, and screen printing in the context of corrugated packaging. As the industry shifts towards sustainability, knowing the fundamentals of flexo is vital for eco-conscious practices. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned professional, grasping flexo basics is essential for delivering exceptional print results. Stay ahead in the printing industry by honing your understanding of flexographic fundamentals.

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Turn Bar System in Printing

In the printing industry, precision and efficiency are paramount. Among the myriad of tools and techniques used to achieve these goals, the turn bar system stands out. This sophisticated but essential system allows a continuous roll of substrate (typically paper)...
Flexo Plate Making Process
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Flexo Plate Making Process

Making flexo printing plates is indispensable in the production of packaging materials and labels, demanding a rigorous production process. By leveraging cutting-edge Flexo Imaging Technology, the manufacturing of these plates incorporates precise steps, ensuring superior results. The integration of rubber-based...
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Ways to Enhance Anilox Rolls Life

What Is the Average Life of Anilox Rolls? Anilox rolls are undeniably the most important component of the flexographic printing press. However, they are very expensive and delicate. Thus, anilox rolls require sequential maintenance for long-term usage. If you maintain...
Foiling in Flexography
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Foiling in Flexography

Foiling is the process of adding a foil layer over printed images to increase durability, contrast, and glossy finish. It is commonly used on images that will be exposed to harsh environmental conditions, such as outdoors or in direct sunlight....
Corona treatment in flexo printing
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Corona Treatment in Flexo Printing

In the competitive market of flexographic printing, high-quality print and packaging production hinge on the fine balance between innovation, precision, and efficiency. In flexo printing, a crucial aspect of achieving this balance involves the surface treatment technique known as corona...
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Key Consumables in Flexo Printing

Flexo printing, known simply as flexo, has become an indispensable printing technique, favoured for its versatility and efficiency. As with any sophisticated process, a thorough understanding of the underlying consumables is essential for bespoke printing applications. This article will guide...
Central impress drum machine
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Central Impression Drum

What is central impression drum? Central impression drum is sometimes referred to as a drum press, common impression press, or CI press. The press itself consists of a single steel impression cylinder positioned in the main press frame within which...