Flexo Flaw Fixing

Numerous flexo technology users fail to maximise their presses’ potential. To optimise your printer’s performance, it is essential to employ suitable technology, consumables, and streamline the printing process. This series focuses on providing practical insights into common flexo printing defects and solutions.

While flexography appears straightforward, printers encounter various challenges leading to unproductive downtime and material wastage. Print defects can arise due to multiple factors, necessitating their minimisation for sustained productivity. Effective working methods, conducive work environments, and optimal printing conditions are crucial in mitigating these issues.

Achieving superior outcomes requires time and expertise. Operators play a vital role and require adequate training to enhance their competencies. Proficiently managing the aforementioned challenges ensures operational efficiency, fostering future success and competitiveness.

Recognising prevalent issues in flexographic printing is imperative, but addressing them can be overwhelming. To assist, we are launching a series of blogs addressing comprehensive flexo printing defects and solutions. Let us delve into some common defects and their remedies!

Common Defects in Flexo Printing