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What is The problem of bridging in Flexo printing?

Bridging problem is a common issue in flexo printing. A few factors can contribute to the bridging issue, including incorrect settings on the printer, improper material handling, and two different types of inks that do not mix well together. If you are experiencing difficulty with your flexo prints, check for these issues first.

If all of your troubleshooting efforts fail to resolve the bridging issue, you may need to have your printer serviced.

How to Fix a Bridging problem in Flexo Printing

Bridging issues can be challenging to fix, but thankfully there are a few things you can do to try and correct the problem. Here’s what to do if you encounter a bridging issue in flexo printing:

1. Check your feeder alignment. Ensure that the feeder is correctly aligned so that the ink goes straight down the print head rather than spreading out in all directions. This can help to prevent bridging issues from occurring.

2. Check your print head alignment. Make sure that the print head is pointed in the right direction and is moving at the correct speed. If it’s not, it may cause the ink to spread and create bridging issues.

3. Check your ink levels. Make sure that your ink levels are high enough so that the material doesn’t clog up the print heads or feeders. If they are low, then the ink may not be able to reach all of the areas it needs to create a smooth printout.

4. Try changing the machine settings. There may be certain

5. Make sure your print jobs are correctly laid out on the press. If your print jobs are not correctly laid out, the pressure and heat of the media will cause the ink to seep between the pages of your document and form a bridge.

6. Use a flexible adhesive when attaching your prints to the substrate.

A flexible adhesive will help prevent the ink from seeping between the pages of your document and forming a bridge.

7. Make sure your prints are correctly pressed and dried before shipping them off to the printer. Poor pressing can cause the ink to seep between the pages of your document and form a bridge. 

Dried prints will also resist feathering and wrinkling, leading to bridging issues in flexo printing.