Here are the basic types of flexo cleaning products.

It is essential for your business to regularly clean and maintain your flexography equipment. By keeping your equipment regularly clean, you save yourself time in the long run. Lets understand the basic types of flexo cleaning products.

Almost everything in your company that touches flexography equipment becomes “dirty” as it comes into contact with ink. From Anilox rolls and doctor blades to Flexo plates, the ink trays themselves, almost nothing is immune to this phenomenon.

When regular cleaning and maintenance appointments are not scheduled, components of your flexography printing system may stop working for various mechanical reasons. Make sure you clean your equipment regularly to prevent malfunctions during the workweek.

Cleaning flexographic presses require the maintenance of the following essential components.

Anilox Roll Cleaners

To prevent the ink from drying and building up inside the cells, you should wipe the roll down daily with a clean, lint-free cloth after applying a liquid cleaning agent. If you want to clean a roll efficiently, you ought to do so immediately after removing it from the press. Inks, resins, adhesives, etc., become harder to remove the longer they have sat in the engraving. If you’re cleaning with water-based, UV, or solvent-based chemistry, use a cleaner formulated for your application.

Press Cleaners

Ink trays, anilox rolls, ink pumps, and flexo press parts are easily cleaned with a flexo press wash solution.

Hand Cleaners

 After a long day on your flexographic press, hand cleaners will quickly remove your hands.

Solvent Substitutes

Solvent substitutes are available in many organic forms in cleaning agents used in the printing industry. Several cleaners are based on petroleum distillates, mainly white spirit, but others may contain toluene, methyl ethyl ketone, cyclohexanone, or chlorinated hydrocarbons, e.g.

Adhesive Remover

It helps remove glue from adhesive materials.

Plate cleaners

Cleaning Flexo plates with plate cleaner’s results in minor plate damage and better performance.


 Degreasers use high pH corrosive ingredients to remove soils from Flexo parts by easily breaking them down.

The regular cleaning and maintenance of almost all components of a flexographic system can save you money by reducing the need for untimely replacements.

These are the basic types of flexo cleaning products.

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