What is Inaccurate printing of the screen dots problems in flexo printing ?

Inaccurate printing of the screen dots can happen for a variety of reasons. One common issue is when the machine is not setup correctly. 

Ink may spread unevenly on uneven papers and create incorrectly printed dots if the surface is uneven.

There may also be a problem with the printing cylinder if it is damaged or dirty.

Prints that are inaccurate are debated over whether they happen instantly or take some time to become inaccurate.

 It is generally believed that inaccurate prints take some time to become accurate, since the machine has to get used to the user’s handwriting.

Inaccurate prints are also reported to occur immediately.

Check your machine if your prints are becoming more inaccurate over time.

What are the causes of inaccurate printing?

Inaccurate printed materials can be caused by a variety of factors, but most often they are caused by human error.

The following are some of the most common causes:

1. Poor machine settings:

 Make sure that your machine is set up properly and that the settings are accurate.

2. Incorrect paper type

Choose the right type of paper for your project, and make sure that the paper is correctly formatted.

3. Inaccurate data :

-Double-check the accuracy of your data before printing it out.

4. Poorly designed graphics:

 Make sure that your graphics are properly designed and resolution-appropriate for printing.

5. Incompetent staff

 Make sure that all staff members involved in printing are up to date on the latest printing techniques and standards.

What is the difference between printing dots and screening?

Printing dots is similar to screening in that they are both used to print images on paper.

However, there are a few key differences between them.

 Printing dots uses a small number of drops of ink, while screening uses a continuous stream of water or air.

This makes printing dots easier to control, as the droplets can be directed precisely where you want them to go.

Screening also has the advantage of being less expensive than printing dots.

Inaccurate printing and its negative effects:

Inaccurate printing can have a number of negative effects. It can lead to incomplete or inexact copies.

 This can be disastrous if the document is important and needs to be accurate.

 In addition, inaccurate printing can also lead to lost business opportunities.

Customers may not be willing to pay for documents that are inaccurate, and this could lead to financial troubles for the company.

 Finally, inaccurate printing can also result in damage to equipment. By ensuring that your documents are printed correctly,

What’s wrong with the dpi if I have inaccurate printing of the screen dots?

If you have inaccurate printing of the screen dots, your dpi may be too low.

This can cause problems with how the dots appear on the screen and can make it difficult to see what you’re clicking.

You can fix this by increasing your dpi setting. Adjusting your dpi also affects how fine graphics appear on screen.

 For example, if you have a dpi of 400, then text will be printed as pixels,

Whereas if you have a dpi of 700, text will look smoother and more like a traditional document.


The printing issues that can occur when viewing a screen need to be understood.

Often, blurry images and reduced visibility are caused by incorrectly printed screen dots.

You should make sure that your device’s printing capabilities are up-to-date and that the type of paper you’re using is the right type for each job in order to avoid these problems.

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