Different parameters in flexo printing process.
Form, Ink, Adapter, Tape, substrate 

These are the basic parameters in flexo printing process:

Printing Form

• All flexo printing forms are made of a flexible material.

    • Flexo Printing Forms

    • Elastomer Printing Forms: are produced by direct laser engraving

• Photopolymer Printing forms: are imaged directly by using a laser and then exposed with UV light, non-printing features are washed out

• Types of Printing Forms:

      • Flat printing form: Printing plate: the plate is mounted on a plate cylinder

      • Round printing form: Sleeve: the endless sleeve is directly mounted on a press sleeve mandrel

Plate Mounting – flexible Packaging

Plate mounting tape in flexo printing process
Plate Mounting.
Source: Rotec Bluelight Sleeve

Ink – Flexo Inking Unit (Single Ink Unit)

Printing Ink

The printing forms (plates) are mounted on the form cylinder. The anilox roller transfers a defined amount of ink to the plate. The chambered blade system fills the cells of the anilox roller with ink and removes the excess ink from the surface.

Flexo inking unit
Flexo Inking Unit

Solvent Based Inks – for Flexible Packaging

• Substrates for flexible packaging are often printed with solvent basedinks.

Water Based Inks – for Absorbant Substrates

• Paper and liner (absorbant substrates) are often printed with water based inks.

UV Inks

• In label printing UV inks are used for many applications.

Sleeve Technology

• The printing sleeve is mounted on the mandrel.

Sleeve technology in flexo printing process
Sleeve technology


• Most tape suppliers offer 3 to 4 foam tapes of different types of hardness. 

• The choice of tape depends on image and application (screen, solid, linework, substrate).

• Depending on sandwich the right  tape thickness (0,10 mm, 0,38 mm und 0,55 mm) is chosen.

• Tape suppliers are e.g. tesa,  Lohmann, 3 M, Rogers.

Plate Mounting Tapes
Source: Innovaflexo GmbH

Tape – The right Choice of Tape :

Foam tapes for flexible packaging and label printing

Tape Selection Guide

Substrates in Flexo Printing – Paper

Flexible Packaging :
Coated Paper

• Coated paper

• Semi coated paper

• Uncoated paper

caption: Coated paper

Corrugated Preprint

• Kraftliner

• Testliner

Corrugated Preprint
Corrugated Postprint

• Coarse – medium flutes

• Fine – micro waves

Substrates in Flexo Printing – Film

• Flexible packaging substrates are single

or multi-layer films which consist mostly

of the following syntectic materials:

• Polyethylene (PE, LDPE, HDPE)

• Polypropylene (PP, OPP, BOPP)

• Polyester (PET)

• Polyvinylchloride (PVC)

• Nylon

• Aluminium foil

Flexo Printing film

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