Embarking on the process of printing large designs on corrugated boards offers remarkable opportunities in flexographic printing. This is especially true for large-scale designs, such as those 3 meters wide. To magnify the dimensions, one can align two photopolymer plates side by side. This complex process starts with the design stage and goes through prepress preparation.

In the early stages, one must carefully reduce the impact of the plate junction on design elements. It’s crucial to avoid splitting solid areas or text content at this junction. Next comes the critical step of choosing an appropriate backing material. The right material not only reduces weight but also facilitates better repositioning for improved results.

The best choice often involves using PE foam with a smooth, non-woven surface, like those offered by InnovaLux. Specifically, this makes the use of edge sealants in the joint area unnecessary. Achieving seamless visual continuity becomes the primary goal. Once you complete these preparatory steps with diligence, the project advances to the pressing phase for implementation.

At the end of this complex process, delivering a seamlessly executed final product is the goal. We hope the insights shared in this tutorial on printing large designs on corrugated boards have been enlightening and beneficial. We appreciate your viewing and look forward to having you in our future tutorials.