How Corona Treatment can help you in Flexo printing?

Corona treatment in flexo printing was designed specifically to help protect and maintain the print quality of flexographic printing by controlling surface energy. It is the most commonly used surface treatment technology for flexographic printers.

 This unique treatment combines corrosion inhibitors, anti-static agents, and solvents to help restore print flexibility, clarity, and vibrancy.

Your prints will stay looking great for longer with this solution, which reduces the need to reprint or replace them.

Before exposing a printing plate to a press, a Corona treatment is applied to the surface of the plate to prevent it from bleeding.

During printing, the ink is deposited over the existing image, creating a reflective layer that deflects light.

As a result, the printing plate lasts longer and produces a sharper image.

Moreover, these prints are durable and will not deteriorate over time.

Is the corona treatment safe for use in Flexo printing?

If you want to improve the gloss and color of your Flexo prints, the Corona treatment is a safe and effective solution.

Prints can be treated with the treatment either thermally or digitally, and it is non-toxic.

You can achieve better results by using Corona by making your prints look more professional and by reducing the amount of time involved in the process.

What are the benefits ?

A Corona Treatment is used by most Flexo Printers to improve image quality and increase color vibrancy.

By using Corona Treatment, you can remove the original background image and leave only the printed text behind.

 In addition to improving clarity and sharpness, it also reduces ghosting and blurring when used on high-resolution prints. Prints in black and white can also be colored using this technique.

How it can enhance your Flexo Printing Results:

Special processes are used to enhance the results of flexo printing, including Corona treatment.

 The solution is non-toxic and water-based, helping to prevent stains and fading on the paper surface.

Furthermore, it creates a smoother surface, which leads to better ink transfer and fewer print defects.


Flexo printing will benefit from the Corona Treatment in the future. Sustainability is causing the industry to move towards more durable printing surfaces.

When choosing a printing method, businesses should consider the Corona Treatment because it offers several benefits.

If you’re looking to upgrade your flexo printing process, the Corona Treatment might be the perfect option for you.

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